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Sun-Dried & Machine-Dried

Our customers are food industry, cosmetics, flavors & fragrances, pharmaceutical and aromatherapy industry.


For import & export bulk herbs & spices has been certified for management systems (ISO 9001/2015), also the company is member in (FDA) under No. 13173560234 .

At the first we have the honor to serve you and hope to find all your aims, so kindly let you look and read below:-

Simply it’s PURE SPICE CO. If you search …:-

Safe food, best raw material and quality, real taste and aroma, whole oil content, best cleaning, best sifting, best packing, best storage, sterilized product any method ( steam, gama ray, ETO, PPO, heat treated… ), competitive prices for saving your money and time, conventional or free pesticide product, sun dried or machine dried product, fast shipping, save your customers Trust and time, reliable supplier, easy negotiation, cooperation, and good business partner you can trust and count on, want to gain new clients and increase your sales volume, save your trade mark, to order huge quantities or small quantities, to ship your order by any way ( air, sea, land), search more 16 years experience and responsibility, search what you demand for any quality type or quantities, it’s PURE SPI C E CO.


PURE SPICE CO. (herbs & spices) as commercial entity had started by the first generation as young company in the internal market in 1976 year, as producers and suppliers for most of the Egyptian herbs, spices companies in this time. but by the time beside big efforts our work and production had been grew and grew more ,

Pure spice co. become in need to move to another position in beni suif because this area in middle Egypt consider the center of herbs and spices farms,

This assures the quality and the preservation of the natural properties of our products.

And which is famous for being the source of the finest Herbs and Spices since the ancient Egyptians.

This matter helped us to select well the best raw for production,

The new factory built (on about 7000 mm or extra) to can buy the big and newest production lines to start hard the creation in the quality management, and fit for new sterilization units.

from there period the second generation had been the right decision to be opened directly against external market to offer and export our best quality ourselves from herbs and spices with bulk quantities for all the world to serve better and better in this field.




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